“Flamenco Intimo” is an original production by dancer and choreographer Siudy Garrido, featuring original music from composer and flamenco guitarist José Luis de la Paz, and renowned musical figures in the guitars, singing and percussion, along a corps de ballet starring 6 extraordinary dancers. Previous editions have featured appearances of special guests such as Farruquito and Antonio Canales.Siudy Flamenco Intimo shows a current flamenco performance with a voice of its own, reflecting the pureness of flamenco art from a contemporary perspective.

Vibrating choreographies are alternated with virtuous musical solos interpreted by 11 artists on stage, guiding the audience through a path that deepens within the intimacy of each performing artist.
Duration: I ACT 1 hour 20 minutes (no interlude)


Memories, thoughts, feelings, all found in a sacred coffer full of light that will grow over time. Veering light gathering, adding and creating weight or elevating us to the air over the years; gradually molding who we are, what drives us, inspires and makes us take action. Fear, joy, sorrow, dream, hope, love, heartache, courage, hidden feelings in our souls, in our minds. Delve into the complexity of ourselves, and hidden depths of our being. The courage of sharing the most intimate of the soul.



(MIAMI, 2015)

“FLAMENCO INTIMO is a success. Garrido is an appearance that invokes and combines the erotic ease of Sara Montiel with the fun elegance of Carmen Sevilla… Garrido then performs a soleá, which is a rampant Tour de Force and the highlight of the program. Body tight black pants and short jacket. Her sculpted body has now become a prodigious instrument of expression. When finished, the standing ovation is deafening.”



“With a majestic visual display, Siudy presents her new show, and even though there is no story line, the dancer talent is enough to enjoy a show full of emotions and a choreographic extravagance that will leave you breathless.”

ZETA Magazine


“Siudy flamenco shows a beauty that can be appreciated even by those who are unfamiliar with the dance. Flamenco Intimo makes the diverse audience experience the flamenco exponents feelings when their spirits are embraced by dance.”


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